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Complexity and uncertainty are givens with any project but that doesn't mean you should resign yourself to chaos.  The last thing you want is for your project to turn into a black hole that gobbles up valuable time, resources, and energy.  

GHA has the experienced team and proven methodology needed to help complete projects according to client specifications.  We work collaboratively with our clients to develop proactive, value-adding processes, procedures and templates that minimize risks, maximize resources, and optimize communication among team members.

GHA’s disciplined approach generates predictable results and quality returns.  We help manage people and information to their potential, mitigate risks and put clients back in control of their projects.

We use proven methodology to help program managers achieve goals and objectives. On each assignment, our team works with management, staff and stakeholders to define “success” and to proactively identify issues that may impact program success. Our disciplined approach produces predictable results, while ensuring compliance with governing rules and regulations. Specific services include: developing, implementing and evaluating policies, plans, procedures and performance standards and measurements; determining appropriate service levels and enhancements; identifying required resources and developing budgets; developing and implementing diversity programs for contracting and employment.
Key members of our team have successfully managed numerous governmental projects. We use this “real world” experience to help project managers deliver projects within scope, budget and on time, in accordance with policies, rules, regulations and grantor requirements. We work collaboratively with project managers and team members to develop practical processes, procedures and templates that minimize risks, maximize resources and optimize communication among team members. Specific services include: project planning; project progress and status tracking and reporting; partnering and meeting facilitation; tracking and monitoring completion of action items; contract administration and general project administration support.

Key examples of these services include:

King County Library System Capital Levy Program Management Services
As a subconsultant to URS, and part of the Program/Project Management team, GHA has provided administrative and management support for the renovation and expansion of the second largest library system in the United States. GHA’s responsibilities include handling the logistics and coordination of procurement and delivery of fixtures, furnishings and equipment for multiple library sites. In addition, GHA identifies opportunities for small businesses to provide construction services and assists in identifying and locating such businesses.

Sound Transit Light Rail Central Link Property Acquisition and Relocation Project Management
As a prime, GHA provided project management oversight and support for the Central Link Light Rail Project Property Acquisition and Relocation Project to obtain Right of Way for over 750 parcels in the initial 14-mile segment of the light rail system. The objective of the work was to ensure that tasks and activities related to the acquisition and relocation effort were successfully achieved. Initially, GHA developed work plans for Sound Transit and each of its real estate acquisition and relocation consultant groups. GHA performed document reviews, and interviewed Sound Transit staff, right of way consultants, real estate appraisers, relocation consultants and environmental consultants in order to develop the plans that included a scope of work, schedule, budget and tasks. GHA also created comprehensive flowcharts that identified key roles and responsibilities, and depicted work processes from parcel certification (by Engineering) to closure of purchase and relocation of businesses or residents.  The team monitored project progress and status on a daily, weekly and quarterly basis and developed a Management Reporting System that provided Sound Transit with a centralized source of data for reporting project status throughout the Agency, and provided project progress reports to City of Seattle Officials and the Federal Transit Administration.  
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